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Anunay Kulshrestha

/ɐɳʉ ɳɛ kʉɭʂɦɾeʂʈɦ/

Working Papers

  • Measuring Incidental Collection in Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (with Jonathan Mayer)

  • Leveraging Strategic Connection Migration-Powered Traffic Splitting for Privacy (with Mona Wang, Liang Wang & Prateek Mittal)


  • Kulshrestha, A., & Mayer, J. (2021). Identifying Harmful Media in End-to-End Encrypted Communication: Efficient Private Membership Computation. 30th USENIX Security Symposium (Upcoming).
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  • Kulshrestha, A., Rampuria, A., Denton, M., & Sreenivas, A. (2017). Cryptographically Secure Multiparty Computation and Distributed Auctions using Homomorphic Encryption. Cryptography, 1(3), 25.
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  • Kulshrestha, A., Shah, A., & Lu, D. (2017). Politically Predictive Potential of Social Networks: Twitter and the Indian General Election 2014. Proceedings of the Fourth Multidisciplinary International Social Networks Conference, 1.
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  • Kulshrestha, A. (2012). On the Hamming Distance Between Base-N Representations of Whole Numbers. Canadian Young Scientist Journal, 2012(2), 14–16.
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  • Kulshrestha, A. (2018). Bittersweet Fruits of Incumbency: Evidence from India [Master's thesis]. Stanford University.
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